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Related article: Date: Monday, October 23, 2000 23 49th EDT 42 From: Double A Subject : Broken Dreams... Part 10 The rest of the day was neurotically analyzing every aspect of is our relationship and trying to figure out, why not take a single Chris n answer only yes or no. Was it because he was afraid of commitment? is , because, in secret, not wanting to be my friend? Perhaps it was some madman Chris, where he said he does not need titles to our show love... or something. In general, however, was that I started worrying about my obsession with Chris, and was an obsession, so I'm concerned. Before, I worried so do not love till I loved Chris, but quickly changed the n , where I was very worried that maybe I loved Chris more than he loved me. I felt sure that Chris had to admit, , but somehow doubted that he never gave up on homework, showers, eat and sleep, because I too busy thinking. I doubted ªonwards, he spent countless times, is in bed at night, cried and hugged his pillow. I lost control of my body. Sometimes the things I wanted to just return when we were just friends and not even talk about love, but others times, I would have these vivid dreams, where I made passionate love to Chris and awake, covered with pre-cum on my penis, and sometimes my boxers were soaked, even with the seed. I was a nervous wreck in the space of a day of school, so when I back to my home that day, I was not sure what the answer I was hoping to give Chris. I had the opportunity to study or do homework, and I could not think of showers. I sat in the chair that Chris and I embraced and crying. After a restful night I was rested and able to think clearly, for example, I went to school the next day... No, that was not true at all... Nude Preteen Girls Once awake most of the night, I was dead tired and my head was clouded pulsating mass when I went to school tthe next day. continue despite almost all night, he managed to almost too late to be kind of sociology, and when I came in, Chris was already there. I was unloading my bag and place the books on my desk when I Chris on my desktop and open the door to exit. Along the way, however, I heard him whisper. " See you in the cafeteria after school," was so tired I almost missed, as he said, but the fact n, I do not really help, not me, and I spent the rest of the class n wreck ervous. I say the truth I talk to Chris. I do not know if I'm subconsciously trying to make a hate me, but I thought I would win some and not much to lose, he if I talked about my feelings, the obsession, if you will with it. In addition, it would make little sense if, after class, he told me that n thought about it and really do not think he wanted to be my friend. then however, the answer I expected, it was sonot have been a surprise to their s. me self-hating attitude all the way through the class was, then, was taken in the cafeteria and waited for Chris. I found that there are n Chris and I always always expected from discussions with Chris and I have always wondered what the Chris. I knew he was not lazy, so Maybe it really was so shy that when he left he was. After waiting enough to create tension in my body when I saw Walk through the arch and in the area. His eyes seemed to search around a bit before he saw me, and then made ​​his way and sat s down. " Hey. " He said, casting a slight smile on me. "Hi, Chris. " I said, trying to act friendly and therefore neutral at the same time. We looked at each other in silence for a few seconds before he shrugged, , and asked : " I ​​can, like, to buy food for lunch, or what "N I shook my head : he wants " no, but thanks for the offer. 'm not really all that hungry s ". n He nodded, " I. .. umm... I'm sorry for being so nervous and insecure things lately. " I shrugged and replied," It's not your fault. I should not have been as front. I think I'm obsessed with you. " He smiled, " Really? I think I'm pretty obsessed with you too. I think that all the time, and then is increasing talk much I miss you. "Can I can not feel very well when he said this, and it made me miss " Well, that's a yes, then " - His smile dissipates and took a look? of seriousness, as Nude Preteen Girls he nodded and replied: " I'll be honest, have not always been honest with you n me. I just wanted to make sure they were friends first. I mean, I like you, but I also think are really interesting. I enjoy spending time with you, , and I think I, maybe, maybe go see a movie or a concert with you. I to sit down with you. People who are in love at times n think that all this means is sex, but for me it means Nude Preteen Girls love, especially not having sex. Dear means the closeness andHugging and kissing, sometimes, but mostly talk n As others have for the person. I have this on the last day or thoughts is, and now I realize that I love you more than I loved another person. I might try to go through a crushing or order some of the pubescent lust a based on hormones, but it is not at all. What I can do for you to crush more than ever felt, and there is nothing prurient is not uniform. What I feel for you is pure intimacy, intense and love. Honestly, Sometimes I think, or dream... certain things about you, but I to wait, because I feel when I do things with you, be incredible emotional. Do you understand ? " I was speechless. I sat there all kinds depend on Chris ' word, and when he finished telling me that question, I was still motionless for several seconds before responding," Y... Yes, I understand. I I wish I could be as good as you say, but I do not think I can. You're smart, so ND so sweet and so wonderful. Talk to mean so much to me as this embrace was, or else we do will be. They are adorable, but emotions and your mind is what I like you. Like his friend, I would do anything to make sure they were happy, and fully understand to wait to make love with others. That really will be an experience nice, I'm sure, because you are a nice to have. " He smiled Chris," I wish I could you now, if only for a few seconds. Hey, Beac.. Did you know... do something after school? " I smiled," as " shrugged his shoulders n Chris with his shoulders :" I do not know. What is a movie you want to see? Maybe we could for a walk or something. I want to be with you this evening only, n I guess. " I nodded," Then again you can return to my home? " nodded Chris, " I would. " And so, officially, this time, Chris and I were a couple.
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